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Detel Launches India’s Cheapest BIS Helmet For Rs 699

Two wheeler helmet manufacturers are keen on the inclusion of protective helmets as per BIS certification and publication of Quality Control Order (QCO). The conversation has been ongoing for years, and as per Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety’s order, a committee was formed to focus on lighter helmets in India that suit climatic conditions and are compliant. Committee members consisted of experts, doctors from AIIMS, and also BIS members. Following a detailed analysis in March 2018, a recommendation for lighter helmets was made, and accepted by the Ministry. The overarching principles are good quality and lighter helmets. India road safety and helmets Keeping in mind the high number of road fatalities, the need for helmet safety norms is a primary requirement. The situation is even more grim considering not all cases are reported correctly. The problem is further aggravated because of the poor quality of helmets in use. The number of two-wheeler users in India is high, and the number of people using unsafe helmets or not using helmets is equally high. Improper enforcement of traffic rules, and complete disregard for traffic rules further complicates the problem. A large number of motorcycle and scooter users find no merit in using a two-wheeler. The dialogue around the safety afforded by the sue of helmets needs to be commonplace, and a requirement through auditing bodies to ensure that unsafe helmets don’t make their way to the marketplace.

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