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Reasons why low-speed electric bikes, scooters have disc brakes, LED lights

A scooter or bike whose top speed is only 25 or 35kmph doesn’t really need disc brakes and that too at both ends. Especially, when one can literally stop the scooter or bike with drum brakes as well. Plus this same vehicle doesn’t even need powerful LED headlights. Well, that’s what you or I as laypeople will think. However, manufacturers like Detel (credited with making the world’s most economical electric two-wheeler) still add these features to their road-going vehicles. Why is this so? The reasons could also be cosmetic and just to go one up on the competition. However, a recent conversation with a bunch of EV makers like GoGreen BOV helped us better understand this equation. These parts, especially when manufacturers purchase them in bulk, prove to be really cost-effective. So, here is delving into the reasons why all manufacturers make these features standard in their low-speed vehicle.

LED lighting proves to be more efficient than an incandescent bulb. The LED consumes less power and illuminates more. In an electric vehicle, the electricity generated as well as consumed is lower due to the use of LEDs. This is also one of the reasons why EV usually don’t have DRLs as having a constantly illuminated lamp means more electricity is being used up. In short, an ICE vehicle with its DRLs on or AHO consumes more petrol/diesel than another two- or four-wheeler that doesn’t have these feature.

As for disc brakes, the reason given is more on the lines of safety. But, for the other road users. Since an EV generates next to no powertrain noise, it is quite possible that a jaywalker might cross the road and emergency application of brakes might be called for. As we are aware, a disc brake has much more stopping power than a conventional drum brake. This is why disc brakes, however wooden they feel on EVs, are a given feature.